Step into the Arena: Join the Ranks of Elite Fighters at ASAP Events!

Are you ready to showcase your skills on the biggest stage in combat sports? Look no further than ASAP Events! Whether you're a seasoned fighter, a dynamic team, or a reputable martial arts school, we invite you to become part of our prestigious lineup. With a diverse range of disciplines including MMA, kickboxing, Thai boxing, karate, and more, there's a spot for every warrior in our arena. Join us in the pursuit of greatness—download our entry forms below and seize your opportunity to shine on the ASAP stage!

What Do I Need?

To enter into the adrenaline-fueled world of ASAP Events, there are a few key pieces of information we need from you. Whether you're an individual fighter, a dedicated team, or a renowned martial arts school, here's what you'll need to prepare:

  1. Fighter/Team Information: Provide us with your full name, contact details, and any relevant affiliations or team memberships.

  2. Disciplines and Experience: Tell us about your expertise and experience in the martial arts world. Let us know which disciplines you specialize in and any notable achievements or accolades.

  3. Performance Footage: Showcase your skills by including links to videos or footage of your previous fights or demonstrations. This gives us a glimpse of your fighting style and capabilities.

  4. Entry Form: Download and fill out our entry form, ensuring all fields are accurately completed.

Ready to take the next step? Simply download the entry form linked below and email it to [email protected]. Join us as we push the boundaries of combat sports and elevate the art of martial arts to new heights!"

Download Entry Form Here


What do I need to participate in an ASAP Fight League tournament?

To participate, you need to be a member of ASAP Fight League, have the appropriate martial arts attire for your discipline, and meet the safety equipment requirements. Beginners are welcome, as we have categories for all skill levels. Registration details for each tournament are provided ahead of the event, including any specific rules or gear needed.

Are there age restrictions for attending Self Defense Seminars?

Our Self Defense Seminars are tailored to suit a variety of age groups. We typically offer separate sessions for children, teenagers, and adults to ensure the content is age-appropriate and effective. Please check the specific seminar details for age-related information or contact us for more guidance.

What does the Police Defense Training program entail and how can my department sign up?

Our Police Defense Training program is specifically designed to equip officers with advanced defensive tactics, focusing on de-escalation, control, and restraint techniques that are practical and effective in the field. Departments interested in signing up can contact us directly through our website's dedicated law enforcement training section or by emailing [email protected] We will coordinate with you to schedule a session that aligns with your department's needs and training goals.