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At ASAP Fight League, we are a canvas where the mastery of martial arts is painted in bold strokes of discipline and skill. Our spectrum of martial arts disciplines—from the precision of Karate to the agility of MMA, the control of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the finesse of Grappling—offers a rich palette for practitioners and enthusiasts alike. Every strike, every block, every move is an act of mastery that speaks volumes of the martial artist's journey.

Engage in our curated events that showcase the very best of amateur and professional talent, all under the watchful eye of our co-founders Peter Rogers Sr. and Alfred Testa. Each bout is more than a contest; it's a narrative of individual prowess, collective spirit, and the perpetual pursuit of excellence. As we promote these encounters in association with the esteemed Rogers Academy of Martial Arts, we invite you to discover not just the techniques, but the deeper ethos of martial arts.

Join us, and step into a realm where every kick, every submission, every defense is an ode to the mastery of this timeless art form.


Welcome to the heart of martial arts in Fort Lauderdale, FL – the home of ASAP Fight League, co-founded by martial arts innovators Peter Rogers Sr. and Alfred Testa. At ASAP Fight League, we're about more than just martial arts; we're about fostering a community where amateurs and professionals alike can thrive in a spirit of competition and respect. From grappling to karate, MMA to BJJ, our events are a canvas for the fearless and a shrine for the strategic. In alliance with the prestigious Rogers Academy of Martial Arts, we don't just promote martial arts—we live it, breathe it, and share it with all who seek excellence. Whether through high-octane tournaments or transformative seminars, ASAP FL is your premiere destination to witness the spectacle of martial arts and to walk the path of a warrior in both sport and life.

What We Offer For You

MMA and Kickboxing Tournaments

Step into the ring where ferocity meets finesse at our MMA and Kickboxing Tournaments. These events are a showcase of raw power and swift strategy, giving fighters the chance to test their skills in an electrifying atmosphere that pulses with the excitement of combat sports. Join as a competitor or fan and witness the thrilling dance of disciplined aggression and tactical defense.

Martial Arts Competition

Our Martial Arts Competitions are a celebration of tradition, technique, and the warrior spirit. Athletes from various styles come together to compete, displaying the honor and skills refined through years of dedicated practice. These events are not only about winning but also about the respect and camaraderie shared among martial artists.

Self Defense Seminars

Empowerment takes center stage at our Self Defense Seminars, where participants learn to turn vulnerability into strength. Led by expert instructors, these sessions are vital for anyone looking to enhance their personal safety with practical, effective techniques that can be applied in real-life scenarios.

Police Defense Training

Tailored for law enforcement professionals, our Police Defense Training provides tactical skills essential for on-duty safety. These intensive workshops focus on control, restraint, and defensive maneuvers, equipping officers with the confidence and competence to protect themselves and the community with responsible force.

What Are Our Members Saying ?

How We Are Trusted, See What

They Say Bout Us


James P. Deveny

Retired Norwich Police Department

I have known Master Peter Rogers for more than 20 years. During that time, he has been a friend, mentor and instructor. Master Peter Rogers has been an instructor for police officers for many years. He has instructed officers in Koba Ryu Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Master Rogers classes are useful in the law enforcement field, as they teach officers self-discipline, confidence, awareness and most importantly survival skills that are needed in the law enforcement arena.


Iyana Ramos

Self Defense Seminar Student

The self defense class was an amazing way to teach people a bit about self defense in real life situations. It is important for us to all learn how to defend ourselves in case a bad situation were to ever arise in our lives. This course touched on all the basics and even went into some more advanced things you can learn to stay safe!


What do I need to participate in an ASAP Fight League tournament?

To participate, you need to be a member of ASAP Fight League, have the appropriate martial arts attire for your discipline, and meet the safety equipment requirements. Beginners are welcome, as we have categories for all skill levels. Registration details for each tournament are provided ahead of the event, including any specific rules or gear needed.

Are there age restrictions for attending Self Defense Seminars?

Our Self Defense Seminars are tailored to suit a variety of age groups. We typically offer separate sessions for children, teenagers, and adults to ensure the content is age-appropriate and effective. Please check the specific seminar details for age-related information or contact us for more guidance.

What does the Police Defense Training program entail and how can my department sign up?

Our Police Defense Training program is specifically designed to equip officers with advanced defensive tactics, focusing on de-escalation, control, and restraint techniques that are practical and effective in the field. Departments interested in signing up can contact us directly through our website's dedicated law enforcement training section or by emailing [email protected] We will coordinate with you to schedule a session that aligns with your department's needs and training goals.

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